I hate bullies.


There is an anti- bullying campaign at the moment and bullying is sadly a very relevant topic in the horse world. I have been to various yards over the years and am amazed by the differences when it comes to atmosphere.  I am an expert on bullies! Being vertically challenged was like catnip to bullies at school and then moving into the horse world, my slightly “different” background and approach to horses seemed to give similar ammunition. People will tell you not to take notice of bullies but you will, it’s hard not to. The answer is not to ignore […]

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Winning the mind game in training


“We are what we repeatedly do.” Aristotle. I love a good quote and Charlie Unwin used them to great effect in his talk entitled “Winning the mind game in training.” Sadly, this quote does mean I am late! I hate being late but I did get slightly lost getting to Charlie’s talk at the Rugby club in Amersham and then couldn’t find the right room when I got there. (However, a couple of very handsome rugby boys were happy to help me – an unexpected bonus.) But I certainly got plenty of food for thought from his hour and a […]

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TSR Showing Debate – Part 2


So, I got a bit serious and detailed in Part 1 – very unlike me but occasionally it happens. Horse welfare concerns are serious though and it’s something I am passionate about. Part 2 will involve discrimination, terrified children and painted yellow bottoms….. Read on to find out more (I am learning from all those annoying click bait stories I see on Facebook!) Part 2 was titled “Suitably Mounted in the Show Ring” – not as rude as it sounded. Chloe Chubb opened the discussion with a call for common sense (perhaps not common if it needs to be called […]

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TSR Showing Debate -Part 1


I love a debate. Although, thinking about it, this wasn’t really a debate. The Showing Register had compiled a list of questions from views and comments submitted over the past few months. They had invited an excellent panel of experts to reveal there opinions and then the issue was opened to the floor. No debate was really necessary as everyone in attendance wanted the same results – although how to get there is the issue. As ever, ideas were lacking and criticism and personal anecdotes free flowing. Gail Chapman opened the meeting – notably thanking Grandstand Media for their support […]

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Donald Trump – seriously!?


I think there has been enough talk about Trump, The Donald, Racist Pyscho Disaster Man. All I shall say is “Americans, that guy? Seriously!?” But the election lead me to look at past Presidents and remind myself of a special speech made by one of them. The 26th to be exact. Theodore Roosevelt. Not only did he name one of his children Kermit (thank you to Wikipedia for that fact) but he also said this… “It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could […]

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I lost 🙁


Tonight, between 8pm and 9pm was #equinehour on Twitter. And, as I was settling the small into his cot, one eye was glued to my Twitter feed as Hay-net were announcing the Mirror Me PR Equine Blogger of the Year 2016. At 8.23pm, Joey fell asleep. At 8.43pm, I sent this text “I lost 🙁” I was over the moon to have been announced as a finalist for the award and so I should be pleased anyway, but in truth, I am indutably disappointed. I have never been a good loser – ask my brother who more than once had […]

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Stick or not to stick, that is the question


Tomorrow, I shall be getting up super early and heading to Addington Manor for the Sports Horse Breeding and British Show Horse Association joint Judges assessment day. I was so excited to have been accepted although now the nerves are kicking in a bit. I love judging and I am good at it but am I good enough for the top people who will be assessing me? The people who have judged me, who I have aspired to be and now who I need to impress and potentially, confidently stand beside in the ring in the future. And then there […]

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The Sporting Mind – an evening with AP McCoy, Victoria Pendleton and Clare Balding


It is rare when you attend a talk because you love the interviewer rather than the interviewee but it was the case when I went to “The Sporting Mind – a select audience with Sir Anthony McCoy and Victoria Pendleton. Hosted by Clare Balding.”I love Clare and literally would do anything to have her job. She hosted the evening superbly, controlled the interview in such a way that we got the most from it, lots was covered but it didn’t feel rushed or forced, she actually listened to the guests and reacted to what they said….. ok you get the […]

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I’m going to be ok


Firstly, thank you to everyone who reads my blog. It started a year and a half ago as a little fun focus but it’s actually inspired me, challenged me and on this occasion maybe saved me a little bit. I wrote about my horsey confidence meltdown. The support, encouragement and advice I received was truly overwhelming. People from all over the world read it, friends and total strangers wrote about their experiences and with their ideas and cheered me on. It was, as I said, quite overwhelming.  Life is tough and I realise we should all surround ourselves with cheerleaders. […]

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No advice, no lessons – just honesty


Most of my blogs are designed to be informative or to teach something or are just hoping to make people smile or think. This one however, is just from the heart and honest. I have gone through a pretty tough time of late, as my first ever blog explained but even since then things haven’t been great. I have been very lost, confused and unhappy.  So, Jack came along, a beautiful, kind, talented horse and the Mother bought him. I know she missed having a horse but I also know she was looking to make me smile again. Seeing your […]

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