Henley Show

Jumping a working hunter at Henley Show
Jumping the Novice Working Hunter at Henley Show

I absolutely love Henley Show. I think I have only ever missed two in my whole life – once when I was climbing Mount Kilimanjaro (should have gone to Henley Show!) and once when in labour (wish I had been at Henley Show!) It is a proper old fashioned, country, family day out. There are horses and ponies galore, a man with his sheep, birds, cows, heavy horses, shopping, a food tent, tractors, music – everything you could possibly need.

If it is a sunny day – take a picnic and enjoy. If it is raining, take a raincoat and embrace the British eccentricity and some Dunkirk spirit and I promise you will still have a marvelous day.

My best memories are of my first win there when I was just starting out and I scored 98% – a score I have never beaten. Pie and I had our big comeback, surrounded by family and winning the Combined Training – he is a regular face at Henley too. It is an important show to me personally as it is local and one of the only shows my GranGran will come along to!

And in 2018, I am really excited to be entering the commentary box for the Main Ring! I will have spectated, competed, judged, stewarded and now commentated at the show. Love it

A special day with my beloved American Pie.

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