Movie night anyone?

Ophelia and Brian have kick started my annual desire to hibernate. The heating is back on , the wooly pjs are back out and the wood burner had its first fire last night. With that comes the need of movie nights and so I was chuffed when the team from The Horses Mad Network got in touch with this list of Horse movies for some inspiration for tonight’s viewing….
5 of the Best Rated 21st Century Horse Movies

The internet movie database, otherwise known as IMBd, is a great resource to find the most popular horse movies. Users are entitled to rate any film from 1-10 (10 being the highest), which allows viewers to see an aggregated rating for each film, along with the number of reviews. Based on these ratings, we’ve compiled a list of 5 of the most popular 21st century horse movies that you simply must watch. We’ll start this horse films list by the highest rating.

1. Seabiscuit (2003) – 7.3 / 10

Seabiscuit film movie
A temperamental, undersized racehorse struggles to win, but eventually Seabiscuit became one of the most successful thoroughbreds of all time, inspiring a nation in need during the great depression.

2. War Horse (2011) – 7.2 / 10

War horse film by Spielberg
Joey, a horse from the British countryside has been forcibly sold to the British cavalry during the outbreak of World War I. Against the backdrop of the war, Joey transforms the people he meets along the way, while his former owner Albert searches the battlefields of France to find his equine friend and bring him home.

3. Secretariat (2010) – 7.2 / 10

Secretariat movie film
After Penny’s father becomes ill, she agrees to take over management of the family Thoroughbred farm. Together with a veteran trainer, she successfully makes her way through the male-dominated world of horse racing, fostering a gifted colt that makes history as the Triple Crown winner in 1973.

4. Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron – 7.1 / 10

Spirit horse movie
This animated adventure set in the Old West, tells the story of Spirit, a wild mustang stallion who journeys through the American frontier. Captured by cruel cavalry officers, Spirit defies being broken, developing a friendship and finding love.

For those that have seen this film, check out 4 things you didn’t know about Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron.

5. Ostwind (2013) – 7.0 / 10

Ostwind horse movie
After having to stay for the holidays with her grandmother at a riding stables, a girl that doesn’t think she’s good at anything develops an interest in horses, riding and more. Discovering her new found talent of communicating with horses, she tries to tame a fierce stallion.
We have tried to include the most popular horse films of the 21st century that have received a lot of reviews. We’re sure you’ve all heard of these popular movies, but welcome any feedback in the comments below. Which horse movies have you most enjoyed watching? What films make your top 5? Agree with these IMBd ratings?

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  1. I personally thought the Seabiscuit book 📚 by Laura Hillenbrand is sooo much better than the movie 🎥, the true story of Seabiscuit was extraordinary and watered down for the film. War horse book and play are truly amazing, but I thought the film was really sugary sweet 🐴

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