Rider Confidence Coaching

What appears to be a small, simple, uncomplicatedly presented course is actually a massive game changer and I am so grateful for your efforts Daisy.

CW April 2020

In 2005, I was riding high: winning the British Show Pony Society Rider of the Year for the second time, two horses qualified for HOYS and Royal International and looking forward to starting with new horses. Roll on 10 years and I am having a serious crisis of confidence.

I have certainly been there: the shaking, overthinking, avoidance… at one point I didn’t think I would ever enjoy riding again. I used to put my SatNav on so I could just follow the simple directions to even get to the stables! I shared one of my first “post crisis” competitions on my Youtube channel. I have certainly walked the walk – from HOYS competitor, to nervous wreck, and back to HOYS competitor again.

Finding my way back meant I tried everything; from aromatherapy to psychotherapy, from CBT to EFT, from singing lessons to meditation.  I am a qualified Sports Psychologist and Mental Health First Aider, putting me in a unique place to be able to help others find their way back too.

Reaching out and signing up can be scary in itself but I promise you that the course is open, inclusive, encouraging, welcoming and maybe game changing….

What I offer:
An 8 week, online, interactive, group programme. Open to all levels of rider.
The course includes:
– a weekly lesson at 8.30pm, every Monday evening via Zoom (this can be recorded and watched at another time if required)
– worksheets to aid learning and monitor progress
– an option of a 30 minute 1-2-1 coaching session before, during or after the course as you prefer.
– a WhatsApp group for support through the week – from myself and other group members
Monday 1st June to Monday 20th July – SOLD OUT
Monday 27th July to Monday 14th September – SOLD OUT
Monday 21st September to Monday 9th November – £69 per person
One to one support: on the phone or by video chat.
£25 per session – 30-45 minutes.
£250 for 12 weeks (once a week or fortnightly)
Possibly a weekend, classroom based, residential course if of interest in the future.
If you are in need of help but are struggling financially, please get in touch as I can offer payment plans and also one free space on each course. You could also nominate someone else for the space….
I also have lots of blogs about confidence and my journey that you can read….. here.

Email daisy@howveryhorsey.co.uk for more information or to book your place!


I am really enjoying the rider confidence course, it is very interactive and great to have the support of the group of like minded ladies. Daisy has helped me to get to the route of my confidence issues and is giving us the skills we need to help us progress.

C.J. March 2020

I’ve done it. Went for a hack with my bestie, who is very calm and encouraging and we had 2 canters. It was such a wonderful feeling and I barely had any nerves. What has changed in me I don’t know but thank you soooo much Daisy.

J.A. February 2020

Thank you so much for the session today – found it so insightful and mind-opening!

M. February 2020

Thank you so much, the content has helped me so much and I need to make sure I have notes to help me in the future. WIll miss the weekly sessions.

C.J. April 2020

I signed up with my 9 year old daughter who has tried a few different riding schools, but still suffers a bit with rider anxiety. I wasn’t sure what to expect to be honest but nothing ventured, nothing gained. We were delighted with the 8 sessions; all different but interlinked, all very open and honest, at times revealing and brave. It really sunk home that no matter the years in the saddle, anxiety can set in at any time for no reason (until you explained it). You own tale was inspirational and honest, your combining of the mental health first aid tips from Jenny White and a clear and concise set of remedies and goals was spot on! It’s a must for any riders mental health tack box.

S.B. June 2020