A bad workman always blames his tools

Any regular readers will know I love a quote. I love it when you come across a quote for exactly what you are trying to say in such a perfect little bite sized snippet. Well, today the quote that feels right is “A bad workman always blames his tools.”

Yesterday was a good day in terms of moving forward on my path to confidence. We took Jack to a small, unaffiliated show jumping event and did a clear in the 1m class. We even came 3rd which I was beyond chuffed about. It’s my first rosette for a few years so meant weird amounts to me. I went home with a smile on my face but also the quote…

Holding my 3rd rosette from showjumping and smiling

It is so important to be prepared. I have been working hard on the prepared thing, however, you also need to be equipped.

I was lucky to be sent the Fynalite Fork by Equestrian Co and it made me think about being equipped. The second, and lesser known, part of the quote is “but a good workman always has the best tools.”

I am only 5″2 and not hugely strong so I have been weirdly excited by my new shavings fork. It is not so long I have to hold it below the nice bit of the handle and it’s not so heavy I end up making Serena Williams at Wimbledon type noises so I am seriously winning. The Fynalite Fork makes a difference, it makes my life easier, let’s find more ways to do that!

And if you are tall then there is a longer one so you don’t have to bend your back to the levels of a circus performer, and if you have rubber matting or use pellets then there is one specially for that too. A whole selection. Let’s all find these things that make our lives easier!

Yesterday definitely reminded me to always pack a Dually headcollar too – I need to remember Jack is still a work in progress and not to Pie’s levels of perfection just yet. Also to have more water, hairbands…….

I am debating writing a list of things needed in a lorry for shows and also one for in the basket you take to the ring. Would that be of interest?

Joey suggests a Wilberry Wonderpony should make the list and I think I agree. #kickingcancersbutt one pony at a time

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  1. Fynalite forks are fantastic – so lightweight and easy to use! Great for us shorter people 🙂 🙂

  2. I am sure the forks are great but just look at their wheelbarrows! I think anyone who ever works on a yard has a “favourite tool of choice that needs to be just so” and mine are wheelbarrows 🙂
    Well done on your come back in the arena by the way! Great result 🙂

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