10 ideas with 10 days to go: Christmas Gift Guide

I don’t think I could really call myself a blogger if I didn’t do the occasional gift guide, it seems like the thing to do. I have never done one before, so in the words of Miranda’s annoying friend (what was her name?!) “Bear with”. I have really enjoyed reading other bloggers so have quite simply jumped on the band wagon and here you go! Plus I love Christmas and start thinking about what to get people in about February – although admittedly have only actually bought two so far and will definitely be doing Christmas Eve panic wrapping like every other year.

I really liked Sophie Callahan’s Country Christmas guide – the bonus of being an incredibly talented photographer means that her’s is also full of flatlay goodness (I love a flatlay!). The Country Style has a lovely Top 10 Secret Santa guide up and Tara Punter PR has a great choice in her Country fave five.

But, what is How Very Horsey suggesting this Christmas?

  1. The Tweed Boutique

I love supporting a small, British business and this company ticks that box. Olivia makes most of the products on her trusty vintage sewing machine in the heart of rural Wiltshire. She has some beautiful items such as a stunning Autumn tweed and gold silk lining wrap £45 or a Luxury Tweed Headband £22. But also does Bespoke items if you have something particular in mind.

2. Say it with Brownies

delicious chocolate brownies

Some of you may know that I am on a health kick/sugar reduction but you will also know that I am a chocoholic. And so for any of your chocolate fan friends, this is a company to know about. Handmade brownies, all sorts of variations, displayed in a beautiful box and delivered by Royal Mail. Absolutely spot on for friend/family that you won’t be seeing over Christmas but want to send a little something to. Although I am totally up for a personal, Christmas platter of Brownies too.. Following her social media accounts is indulgent and tempting on its own!

3. The Wimpy Eventer

Victoria Brant is such a fun writer, I really enjoy the Wimpy blog and have just finished her first book “How to get your leg over” and she has recently released her second “How to stay on top”. These books are a great gift for any horsey friends who have ever suffered with nerves or are thinking of embarking on some British Eventing.

4. Intelligent Horsemanship

Intelligent Horsemanship membership

Ok, so yes she is a relative. Please don’t yell “Nepotism” at me. But the Intelligent Horsemanship Association is such a valuable resource I just had to share. For £25 you get the IH Magazine 4 times a year, private audience invitation to Monty Roberts Demonstrations, various discounts throughtout the year, access to members pages on IH website, exclusive content… just so much. This would make such a brilliant gift to someone.

5. Ariat

Ariat Grassmere boots in front of Christmas tree
If you want to give your loved one something of great quality, that will last and be stylish then it has to be Ariat. I love my Grassmere and Close Contact chaps – they must be nearly 10 years old and still look great. Such a fab brand that you can rely on for top quality.

6. Katherine Hooker London

Katherine Hooker logo
If you want a real treat for someone then take a look at Katherine Hooker. She makes stunning ready to wear and custom made coats and jackets. All handmade in London using the highest quality fabrics. I love my red jacket – I have had it for about 5 years and it is my go-to for basically anything country and smart! I wore it at my recent trip to Royal Ascot – vlog on my YouTube channel.

7. Forelock Books

Children's book
I bought “The Horse with Big Hair” for Joey’s second birthday and he loves it. This is such a special business, proper pony books, beautifully packaged and sent already wrapped (one less for Christmas eve!). They are an independant British publisher of equestrian fiction for pony lovers of all age and their hardback format is lovely so a family can read and reread.

8. Canon G7X Mark II

A powerful pocket-sized camera with a bright lens, large sensor and DIGIC 7 to capture expert quality photos and movies with ease. This seems to be the go-to camera for every successful vlogger out there. Putting this here in the hope that maybe Father Christmas reads this and gets one for me! (World’s most unsubtle hint!)

9. Hippo Horse Showers

Hippo horse shower.jpg

Another one that truthfully is just on my wish list. Hippo Horse Showers look great – portable hot water showers for ponies. And if, like me you have a penchant for horses with white legs, this could be very handy indeed. And yet another product individually made in Britain – a little rural South Lincolnshire village to be exact.

10. Action is Power

If you are still stuck then maybe this should be the plan. Many people have dreams and plans and ideas but find it hard to do them. So, if you want to get a special gift for someone – look properly into what they want to do and maybe help them step into that action category. Maybe its membership to British Eventing to get them to step up and give an affilated event a go? Maybe its a lesson with someone they admire? Hire of a horsebox for a day so they can go somewhere? Sometimes seeing what a person would really like but maybe is too scared to do and helping them take the leap is an incredible gift!


And a bonus number 11 for any Pie fans out there

11. A Slice of American Pie DVD


A whole DVD all about the beautiful boy who changed my life.

Happy Christmas everyone! xx

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