About a shampoo but not just about a shampoo.

Do you ever have those moments where you realise you are truly happy? Not because anything major has happened; actually not because of anything in particular at all. You just find yourself smiling. I had one of those moments the other day.

Smart Grooming sent me their Lavender Shampoo to review – a new but exciting venture for my blogging. Jack was my willing assistant. He loves a bit of TLC time, although at 17hh he is not always the easiest for my vertically challenged self to thoroughly wash!

Cutting straight to the point: the shampoo is great!

I have tried a lot of shampoos over the years – equestrian specific ones and human ones too. Tresemme has been a personal favourite for a while. It gave a good shine, it smelled nice and to be honest it was on a great deal at the supermarket so I ended up with a few big bottles of the stuff.  I am now, however, sticking with the Lavender.

Smart Grooming create some lovely products. I knew that. However, this is really lush. Yes, lush is exactly the right word. It smells lush, it foams just enough to make it feel nice without being over the top, it created a truly luscious shine and left me with, like the Fairy advert, lovely soft hands.

Horse and shampoo

It also has to beat Tresemme as it is designed for horses so I really felt like it would be good for Jack’s sometimes sensitive skin – the problems with gingers! The Lavender Shampoo is also meant to help longer term as a fly repellent too and anything that helps with the pesky flies is a winner for me.

Jack shined like a new penny. I know that some of the shine comes from his awesome Top Spec feeds, hours of brushing and general wellbeing (as it should be), but Smart Grooming Lavender Shampoo maybe just tops that all off. It is now officially in my kit.

Shiny horse

I think it is called Mindfulness. When you are totally in a moment, forget about everything else and just savour and enjoy the moment. The whole shampoo/review/Jack washing experience made me smile. Scrubbing the beautiful Jack with water running down my arm, I think I got wetter than him at times, it was one of those silly happy moments. We all need to savour these a bit more I think. May add a Mindfulness book to my to read list…

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