The language around use of the whip

I received a message last week from someone saying “Have you seen that a jockey has received a ban for not hitting his horse. That’s right – for NOT hitting his horse! 🤯” Jockey Robert Havlin banned for 21 days for tender hands riding I was all ready to get on my soap box […]

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Post competition disappointed

There is the preparation, the build up, the actual test/round/class, the wait for results and the aftermath – competing is physically demanding but also mentally and emotionally quite a workout too. After competing on Sunday, I found the aftermath a very intriguing place but also the mental noise needed some unpacking and I wanted to […]

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Power through or pin it

Muddy trainers

Winters are always tough for equestrians with the weather, thick winter coats or high management clips and rugs, relentless mud making everything that bit harder….. Then this year, we need to add a basically non-existent summer season gone, lockdown restrictions with no end date, related personal stress and a questionable future season ahead. Why are […]

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From Now On

Jeremy Jordan singing

What a memorable (for all the wrong reasons) year it has been. I am a big fan of a new year; it feel like such a definitive clean slate, fresh page, new beginning…. And despite the world putting a damper on things, I refuse to not feel my new year buzz! And thankfully it arrived […]

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