Comeback take two

My return to the show ring didn’t quite go to plan. So, this week, it is comeback take two!

Tomorrow, we are off to Addington Equestrian Centre for a two day Sports Horse (GB) show. On day one, I will tackle the Novice Working Hunter and day two the Amateur. It’s a level down from our failed comeback which I hope will help it to be more successful but also there has been lots of practice to make sure I am better prepared this time.

Preparation is so important and I think this time I am better prepared but there is a point you just have to go for it. There is only so much we can do at home. I can’t practice show nerves, I can’t practice for Jack being a bit more spooky, I can’t practice for the environment.

But, we have hired an arena to practice jumping in a bigger space. Tick. We have practiced combinations. Tick. We have also practiced an archway jump. At last year’s event (where I didn’t ride), Jack was surprised by a fence that had an arch over the top. Each time he ducked and sadly had the fence down as a result.

So, Southerly created this masterpiece:

Jack jumping through our practice archway fence

More challenging hopefully than what we will face at Addington, and we made sure we got that right. I was rather pleased that Jack jumped it without hesitation. The more I ride him, the luckier I feel, he has such a kind heart and is always looking to jump which is such a wonderful feeling. However, it does put the pressure on that I don’t want to get it wrong.

My biggest upset at Three Counties (a.k.a. the failed comeback) was that I may have hurt or scared Jack. “Primum non Nocere” – First do no harm.

So, fingers and toes crossed everyone. I will let you know how it goes…..

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