Cuddy Working Hunter at HOYS 2017 – roundup

I love The Horse of the Year Show and the Cuddy Working Hunter final is my absolute favourite class. I thought I would get a quick roundup out tonight for any avid fans – I know I have previously been stuck at work and searching the Internet for news. I will do a proper HOYS report soon.

I really enjoyed walking the course with Sarah Green from Cheshire Show Services. I made this video so you can see the course. Hope you enjoy – please subscribe to my YouTube channel, I have lots of exciting ideas in the pipeline. There were some nice new additions – the Chatsworth inspired and the wingless antlers jumped well, the faux-iron railings into the double caused a lot of problems though – perhaps a bit of a tricky visual for the horses?

The HOYS International arena set up for the Cuddy Working Hunter final
The jumping phase

There were 10 clears, 14 with one down, 7 with two down, 4 with three down and just 1 with a stop. Fence 4 (the new iron railings double) caused problems, Fence 7 couldn’t handle even a light touch and fell easily and the line of 7 and 8 was rushed by some and meant mistakes were made. Some horses needed encouragement over 6 with the water and 10 the wall but there was only one stop in the whole class (at the wall). Marks were announced shortly after the rounds which was great as a spectator but I must say there didn’t seem to be an apparent pattern with some lovely clears scoring low and horses with what I would describe as laboured rounds scoring highly. The average score was around a 12. The highest was Louise Lyons on 19 with a fence down, Hayden Hankey scored the next two highest marks on his two rides but again had penalties. 

10 Clears: Style in brackets 

Bellevue Tomboy – Matthew cooper (15)

Foxcourt Grey – Sarah Stretton (15)

Grand Conan – Pollyanna Gredley (11)

I’m a Diamond – Katy Green (12)

Opis Day – Stephanie Scott (15)

Out of Order – Ginny Rose (11)

Portphilip CE – Michaela Bowling (15)

Red Why Salute – Daniel Brian Carroll (13)

Royal Gent – Vicky White (11)

Mr Seniority – Stephanie Scott (14)
The Ride and Strip (Oooh, matron!)

Only the top 10 were taken through to phase two – I don’t know whether this was a HOYS decision or a judges decision but I feel it was a good decision. The jumping style marks may have turned up some tricky situations where those with penalties placing above clears. 

The ten all performed well on the go round. Judge Andrew Collins took the ride section and again all appeared to go well although some appeared slightly tense in the atmosphere. 


1st Red Why Salute

2nd Opis Day

3rd Mr Seniority

4th Out of Order

5th Bellevue Tomboy

6th Royal Gent

7th I’m a Diamond

8th Portphilip CE

9th Foxcovert Grey

10th Grand Conan

An interesting result. Not my order for sure – Grand Conan and I’m a Diamond jumped cracking rounds and I felt deserved more generous style marks. But, that is showing – perspectives and opinions. 

Well done to everyone. There were some cracking horses and some great riding. 

I made notes on all the rounds, so, if anyone would like details on a particular round, let me know!

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