Doing the best we can – Hickstead week

Yesterday, I had a bit of meltdown. I’ll admit, there were tears. Once I had calmed, had some chocolate (fixes all things!) and regrouped, I had to say to myself – you are doing the best you can. Anyone else have to give themselves little pep talks?

A week ago, we moved Jack to a new yard which was closer to home so Mum and I could spend some more quality time with him. Southerley has been doing an amazing job with Jack, it just felt like the right time for us. Jack has not been so convinced by the move.

Jack is a lovely horse. Genuinely the nicest nature. However, he has an issue with being on his own. Like a big issue. And his new stable at the new yard is much more enclosed than the previous American barn set up. He can’t see the other horses unless his head is out of the stable door so he doesn’t like it. The first week has been, shall we say, stressful.

It has got to the point that he doesn’t even want to go into the stable. With the current ridiculous temperatures, staying out all day isn’t really ideal but he doesn’t seem to get that. Horses hey! Although, he has made a lovely friend in the field, funnily called Joey. There are few horses that make Jack look small but Joey is definitely “enormous” in little Joey’s words.

So, after the tears, I am now on the “doing the best we can” plan. It is Hickstead on Friday. Jack is still young and so it’s more for experience than being truly competitive and so we go and enjoy. He is having a Physio check today, farrier tomorrow, mum has built a bullfinch out of pallets so we can have a practice, Southerley is coming to jump him on Wednesday evening and then we head off on Thursday.

I am really looking forward to riding him around at Hickstead on Thursday evening. I find it such a magical place. Then we have the evening to see some friends and I am sure the mother will rustle up something delicious in the lorry for supper. We are taking a pony from the yard to be Jack’s companion for travelling so hopefully the two boys will settle for the evening before an early wake up call. The class is 7.30am on Friday morning – and actually, in this heat, I don’t mind the early start!

Southerley will be riding him on Friday. As much as I would love to be tackling the course, I am realistic that I have a lot of work still to do and Southerly will be better for Jack and that’s the priority. So, we go and have a lovely time, whatever happens.

Then, we regroup and move forward. The road to HOYS ahead….

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  1. Even lovely special boys like Jack have their little quirks then ? ! It’s all a learning curve isn’t it ? I hope you all have a fabulous time at Hickstead, everything seems to be in place for a good day. I hope the weather is nice but not too hot. Look forward to hearing all about it and meltdowns are inevitable in this weather ?? xxx (ps just make sure you keep the chocolate in the fridge though ???) lol xx

  2. Some horses can take 6 months to settle into a new yard, or barn as we say here. Have you considered a mylar or steel mirror in the stall? Sometimes it helps. Sometimes it just makes you look weird(er).

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