From Now On

Jeremy Jordan singing

What a memorable (for all the wrong reasons) year it has been. I am a big fan of a new year; it feel like such a definitive clean slate, fresh page, new beginning…. And despite the world putting a damper on things, I refuse to not feel my new year buzz! And thankfully it arrived in the form of Jeremy Jordan. No, sadly he didn’t arrive on my doorstep at midnight, as per my fantasy, but I came across a video he shared..

To have the full effect though, you first need to watch this behind the scenes video of the aforementioned Jeremy and the magnificent Hugh Jackman. At a sing through for a little show they were working on called The Greatest Showman.

An incredible moment captured where the magic of music took over and Hugh Jackman soared despite major obstacles. He takes over from Jeremy and sings ‘From Now On’ to everyone’s awe and amazement. 36 million people have seen this moment.

However, what about Jeremy? He sang in the rehearsals for Hugh and at that time the younger role was yet to be cast…. the possibilities and excitement he must have been feeling. He felt that a special moment was there for the taking but in fact the special moment wasn’t for him but for Mr Jackman that day. And No, you have not missed something, Jeremy was not even in the actual film. He left the rehearsal room and heard that the producers were on the phone to Zac Efron for the other role and that was the end of that.

It is fascinating to see the other perspective. Seen by a mere 5,600. The build up, the disappointment, the game face but internal heartbreak and strength to close the chapter and move positively forward.

Now the reason I share this decidedly non-equestrian story, is the message it gives us. Life isn’t linear; it doesn’t follow a script, we don’t get a read through beforehand. So, when you think you have a big moment due and it doesn’t happen then maybe it’s someone else’s shot, maybe you are Jeremy and not Hugh on that day.

This day definitely belonged to someone else and was no fairytale.

We buy the wrong horse. We build up for a competition and have the last fence down. We plan an exciting trip and the lorry doesn’t start. We practice for an event that doesn’t happen. We qualify for HOYS despite the odds and our horse isn’t right on the day….

With my coaching, I share lessons and learning from a huge, in fact ever increasing, variety of sources but one is the theatre world. They know how to handle rejections, they speak openly about nerves and stage fright, (for any showing people, they also know how to catch the eye and put on a memorable performance…) we can use their expertise.

So, from now on (had to be done), I would like you to remember this lesson. It was not Jeremy’s moment that day but it doesn’t make him any less of a megastar. Some days it won’t be yours but move forward until it is.

May 2021 bring you all some memorable moments and also the strength to keep working towards them. If in doubt listen to “From Now On” what a song!

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