Furminator – genius little tool

I have a new tool and I love it! I love a gadget but when it comes to grooming, I am usually a bit of a traditionalist; body brush, curry comb, elbow grease is the answer. However, I was sent the Furminator DeShedding tool and I was intrigued.

Now, initially I thought it wouldn’t be much use at this time of year. However, with this ridiculous heat at the moment I have noticed a lot of loose hairs and feel like ‘every little helps’ with keeping coats as thin as possible. Also, in the showing world, every little hair matters! When I do quarter marks, I hate it when there are loose hairs stuck on the top and ruining my patterns! Lol.

The Furminator tool does remind me of my school days and the dreaded nit check – anyone else’s school do those? The little comb came out to check your hair for inhabitants. Actually makes me itch thinking about it! This brush has some serious nit comb vibes. However, I am not going to hide mine in a bottom drawer, it’s going in the main grooming kit!

It is so effective. With a very light hand, I brushed Jack over and so many little hairs cleared and it left a better coat behind. It also cleared a few little scabs and debris that sometimes a bigger brush just doesn’t get. I am so pleased with my new tool, it’s definitely not just for the winter coats – although I am excited to try it out then too!

I think Jack looked pretty good last week at Hickstead. He seemed to think so anyway.

(This is a sponsored blog post. However, all opinions are my own and I will never blog about something I don’t use and like!)

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  1. That sounds like a really handy little gadget Daisy, with it being so hot the horses would love to get all of the loose hair off i’m sure! I think i might get one for my 3 hairy beasts. Thank you x

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