How to get Christmas right – the horse girl edit

Horse people are a pretty hardy bunch generally. But one thing truly terrifies them and that things is………. a non-horsey person buying them a horsey gift.

Every horse person has received a horse calendar or a horse mousemat at some point – generally as part of a secret santa or from a non-horsey partner. Fake smiles at the ready! Public service announcement – you can do better.

So, here is my guide of gifts for horse people that they will actually want.

  1. If you are going to go for a product with a horse on it – make it a good one: Emily Cole Illustrations. With Calendars, Diaries, Mugs, Oven gloves featuring fun and clever imagery. Definitely will bring a smile.
  2. Emily Cole Calendar The gift of time – anyone with a horse that won’t load or is a struggle to get on a horsebox or trailer – this is the one for them. Sandra William’s new book: Loading the less easy horse takes you through how to change this and educate you on improving your partnership along the way.

Sandra Williams Loading the less easy horse book cover

3. Something to keep you safe – I am a big advocate for rider safety on the roads. It may not be glamorous but it certainly would show you care: Vizirider. (I had one gifted and love the fit and the lights.)

Horse high visibility jacket

4. Any horse person can not have enough gloves. I generally start the year with 5 pairs and end with one if I am lucky. eGloves have a lovely selection of styles and colours too.

Pair of black eGloves

5. I love a natural horse product and this Hot Oil works wonders to bring a shiny healthy coat. It feels like an indulgent treat for your horse: The Alchemist Garden.

Alchemist Garden Hot Oil

6. Invest in their success – buy a voucher for a training session. Whether that is with their trainer or someone new. I know that a lot of Intelligent Horsemanship Recommended Trainers do vouchers. There are also some great training weekends to get involved in too – I have loves Paul Gaff’s and Banfield Equestrian


And if confidence is an issue (well, it is one of my favourite areas!)

  • AcuPip Ear Seeds – to use acupressure points to help with anxiety, PTSD and sleep issues.
  • Ant Middleton’s Fear Bubble book
  • Lisa Bilyeu’s Radical Confidence book

And if in doubt – Epsom Salts, Hand Cream and Candles for a bit of self care never hurt.


Full disclosure – Although I have links with some of these recommendations, I do not financially benefit from any of the above recommendations and genuinely stand by them as beneficial. None of the links are sponsored or give me commission.

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