I lost ?

Tonight, between 8pm and 9pm was #equinehour on Twitter. And, as I was settling the small into his cot, one eye was glued to my Twitter feed as Hay-net were announcing the Mirror Me PR Equine Blogger of the Year 2016. At 8.23pm, Joey fell asleep. At 8.43pm, I sent this text “I lost ?”

I was over the moon to have been announced as a finalist for the award and so I should be pleased anyway, but in truth, I am indutably disappointed. I have never been a good loser – ask my brother who more than once had to collect chess pieces or Monopoly money from the garden after they had been thrown out the window. However, what I am good at is the pick yourself up, don’t take no for an answer, show them wrong bits of life. 

It is too late and dark to do my favoured clear my head activity of cantering Pie across a field so instead; I have had a hot shower, eaten my feelings (absurd quantities of Bourbon biscuits) and I am expecting a family member to send me an inspirational quote – perhaps “There is no such thing as failure, only learning” (Toby Robbins) which I can huff about but secretly appreciate. 

It is ok to be disappointed but never let disappointment stop you from doing whatever you want to do. Acknowledge it, embrace it even but then put it behind you and fight harder. I hope my friend, Liz of Your Best You is proud – taking away the “should” and accepting my feelings! Life lesson, not just horsey lesson!

You may remember, back in April, I wrote, If at first you don’t succeed, about how Horse and Country TV rejected me as a candidate to be a vlogger. Well,  I have since launched my own YouTube channel and this week, uploaded my interview with Monty Roberts! Fighting spirit seriously intact.

Tonight, I may be eating too many biscuits but… I may even put the rest of this packet back in the cupboard! Who am I kidding!? Maybe tomorrow. 

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