If at first you don’t succeed 

A few weeks ago, I read about a very exciting new competition – the Blue Chip All Star Academy in association with Horse and Country TV. They were looking for a normal riders, good with social media, happy in front of a camera, with interesting stories for regular video blogs (vlogs!). Well, I thought, this is my chance! I don’t cook well enough for Masterchef, I don’t sing well enough for The Voice, I occasionally “think I can dance” but only after one two many glasses of fizz and although I am not a bad cake maker, I could never cook with the beautiful eyes of Paul Hollywood looking at me so this Blue Chip All Star Academy was it!

I wrote down ideas for my audition video, I edited the script, I asked people for ideas, I edited again, I filmed, I refilmed, I edited again, I asked for more help and advice and finally I sent in my tape. I then stared at my phone… I even rang my phone from a landline to check it was working… Needless to say, they didn’t call. I then got a brutal email saying if I hadn’t been called, I hadn’t made the cut.

So, that was that.

But then, I have never been very good at defeat and am certainly not good at being told I can’t do something. So, as the saying goes – if at first you are brutally rejected, do it anyway!

So How Very Horsey videos will be coming soon!


Camera practice commences!
 I would like to do interviews, behind the scenes, show reports but honestly just want to make videos that people want to see so….. What do you want to see? 

There are no bad idea! Get in touch – daisy@howveryhorsey.co.uk

So, thank you to Blue Chip and Horse and Country TV for making me do what I love to do! Sorry that I wasn’t what you were after but I look forward to watching your team of vloggers anyway.

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  1. Good for you! It’s great to see that one set back isn’t going to stop you. It’s a bit like – if you fall off your horse, you get back on again.

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