HVH Membership

How Very Horsey Crew Team chairs at an event

I used to have this gremlin on my shoulder telling me I couldn’t do it, now I have a Daisy telling me I can and I love it.

E.T. October 2020

Would you like 2021 to be the year you’re fully equipped to achieve more with your horses? Or perhaps just enjoy them more?

If you’re struggling to know what is the ‘right’ thing to do with your horse, struggling with motivation or feeling a little lost, you’re not alone. That was me only a few years ago, my boots and chaps sat in the garage and I couldn’t see myself ever enjoying the sport I loved again. What was worse is that no one was talking about it, so I had to figure it out on my own. Through trial and error, research, blood, sweat and a lot of tears, I developed a system that helped me and is now helping hundreds of equestrians to find their way back, build or rebuild a partnership with their horse and rediscover that goose-bumpingly wonderful feeling of riding and loving it.

I launched my 8 week confidence course at the start of 2020 and now I’m bringing this work to a monthly membership too and making it super affordable, so you can make 2021 your best pony year ever with a team to support you every step of the way.

What does being part of the HVH Crew involve?

  • Monthly interactive zoom sessions – with a monthly theme including goal setting, mindset, troubleshooting eg competition nerves or hacking out (recorded if you cannot attend live or want to re-watch)
  • Worksheets and personalised feedback on any ‘homework’
  • Challenges and exercises to get involved in
  • Guest experts – including fitness professional, EFT practitioner, equine nutritionists…
  • Private Facebook group so you enjoy the support of the community, plus I’ll be diving in regularly to answer questions and offer ideas.
  • Online social events – perhaps physical meet ups if we are let out again!
  • 25% off 1 to 1 coaching throughout the year

All this for just £10 per month, or £85 for the year.

Want more 1-to-1 support for progress and accountability? Become a VIP Crew member with a monthly 1-to-1 session with me included for £30 per month or £255 for the year.

For more information – email [email protected]

The main problem I have now is I have moved the goal posts on what I want to achieve. Now, I want to ride the wonderful bouncy paces and enjoy faster strides…. when I started, I was afraid to get on!

L.R. November 2020

Thanks to our session last week, I’ve had a lovely week with my horse. I learnt the main motivator for me is simply enjoying spending time with him. This week I’ve taken him for walks inhand to all the places he finds most spooky. It has been a real pleasure to see how he trusts me and I’ve learnt a lot from just watching his reactions whilst I feel more comfortable and safe on the ground. We’ve had some truly memorable moments together.

K.R. December 2020