Monday Motivation – stuck in a rider rut?

Who wanted to stay in bed this morning? I did! Mondays can be tough particularly when you feel in a bit of a rut and it feels like it’s another Monday and nothing is shifting. Perhaps your pony time this weekend didn’t go as you hoped? Have you been stuck ‘ground hog day’ style for a while? I have a piece of advice to help……

It’s not easy to push through the stuck-ness that sometimes comes up with our horses. So here is some advice when it comes to motivating yourself to make a change……

No one is coming.

Harsh maybe but it is something to face up to! No one is coming. It has been the wake up call I have needed many times to get me out of my bed and into becoming an active participant in my life again.

👊🏻 No one is coming to create that glorious relationship with your horse you would like.

👊🏻 No one is coming to have that conversation with the yard owner to make things better at the stables.

👊🏻 No one is coming to make you the rider you want to be.

👊🏻 No one is coming to magically fix everything whilst you hide under your heated blanket binge watching Greys Anatomy…. (Wish there was!)

The answer is YOU. You are the one who will make change happen. And the moment you own that responsibility, things start to change.

Barney raring to go and ready for big changes….

Now, I am by no means saying you need to do it alone. Far from it. But it has to be you taking the reins of your own life…. (Too far on the equestrian metaphor?)

If you want a better relationship with your horse, how are you going to do that? Brainstorm ideas on a piece of paper if it will help. Do you need to spend more time with them? Do you need someone to help with handling issues so you feel more in control? Do you need to understand your horse more? Do you need different equipment or set up to help you? I would happily help bounce ideas for this one if you need.

If a loading/leading/handling issue is putting a dampener on everything, let’s change that. Get someone out to help you – there are Intelligent Horsemanship Trainers all across the country who come out to help. You also need to be super consistent with your training and commitment so can you make that decision and promise to yourself today?

If you want to be a better rider, what does that involve? Is your health and fitness where it needs to be and if not, what can you do? Do you have regular lessons in the diary? Have you got clear goals for the year?

Maybe it’s time to sign up for some coaching, unpack your story, where you have been and where you want to be heading….. I can help there. It’s my absolute favourite thing to do.

Not in a position to invest in yourself right now? Shifting doesn’t even need to cost money…… lots of free workouts on YouTube, podcasts for new ideas and training inspiration, (I did a lovely podcast about confidence recently with Equiteam – link below), there are free webinars to join, ask at the yard if people have books you can read…. Where there is a will there is a way! 💪

No one’s coming to do the work for you, but there are helping hands out there. Mine included.

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