Not good enough

A few years ago, I had someone call about a pony I had for sale. We chatted for a while and then she said “He sounds amazing but he is too good for me.” I was confused by this. Was he too much money? Was he unsafe? No, she just didn’t think she could do him justice.
At the time, I was confused and just didn’t get it. So if you can afford an Aston Martin – why don’t you buy one?

aston martin dream
Sadly not my Aston Martin

New boy Jack is something really special –  his breeding suggests he could jump around Badminton and he definitely appears to have everything be a HOYS contender. But he doesn’t have William Fox-Pitt to take him to Badminton, he has me. 5ft2, slightly broken, little me. What if I am just not good enough? What if I give it everything and it’s still just not enough?

Last night, I fed him his dinner and gave him a cuddle and realised he doesn’t care whether he becomes a superstar or not. So, why should I? I will do my best and he will be loved and cared for, that’s all he really cares about.

So, my advice: If you can afford an Aston Martin, and it will make you happy, buy it. Even if you only ever drive 30 miles an hour.

jumping wellington
Driving in my Aston at 30mph and neither of us caring.

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