October Equestrian Blog Hop – Halloween: Finding the fun

This month’s Equestrian Blog hop is all about Halloween, yard traditions, All Saints Day celebrations with horses and yard friends. But the truth is, I am not a big fan of Halloween. Growing up, my Gran was so truly English that she saw Halloween as something “very American” so not for us – saying “cute” was also frowned upon.  Also, being on the top floor of flats means trick or treaters frankly didn’t bother with the 8 flights of stairs.

I am a big fan of fancy dress and totally support all excuses to dress up (I am not sure Pie would be very supportive if I dressed him up though.) I’m also a big fan of sweets and being given sweets is awesome ….. Actually, I am convincing myself that I have missed out!

But whether you are a Halloween fan or not, what I thought about with this topic is fun. Fun is so important in life. Now, with a two year old, he is my partner in crime for fun and definitely brings it out in everyone he meets. And I think we should all remember this at the yard too – horses are meant to be fun. Someone once said to me “It’s an expensive way to make yourself miserable!”

Joey aged two with his balloons having fun
We don’t know what people are going through – struggles at home, money worries, confidence issues, horse injuries – there are so many things to take the fun away that it always good to find an excuse to put some back in!

So, this Halloween, as much as I am tempted to buy treats, turn the lights off, pretend I am not home and eat them all myself, I may put a pumpkin out and support the trick or treaters. I may take sweets down to the yard and stick a witches hat on because it may just make someone smile. It’s why, despite the fact I am a Tomboy, I happily dress as a princess for children’s parties as it makes people smile!

Maybe we can all embrace a bit of Halloween fun at the stables this week? Any excuse for sweeties!

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  1. Although I’m American, Halloween is not one of my favorite holidays. My husband LOVES it and used to want to put up obnoxious decorations of creepy witches and such. I am just not that into it. A few years ago I was teaching English as a second language and learned more about the Mexican holiday Dia de los Muertos. On the face of it, sounds creepy. But what was interesting is that the Persian, Korean and other Latin students I had all said their cultures had a similar type remembrance day for those who have passed away. Now when I see the skulls and Day of the Dead decorations around my area in Southern California, I don’t view it as creepy, but actually kind of respectful and loving. And actually, for me personally Reformation Day which happened 500 years ago probably has more impact on my daily life than these other celebrations. 🙂

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