End of Year Mind Muck Out



Introducing the “End of Year Mind Muck Out” – a two-hour virtual rendezvous led by Daisy Smith, that’s set to revolutionize the way you approach the year’s end! An exhilarating session on Zoom, where we’ll roll up our sleeves, sweep out the mental cobwebs, and set sail for a brilliantly fresh start in 2024.

6pm on Thursday 28th December 2023

This session isn’t just about reflection; it’s a full-blown mindset makeover! Daisy will expertly navigate us through techniques that’ll bolster confidence, solidify goals, and leave you feeling like you could conquer mountains (or at least some impressively tall hills).

We’ve got it all covered, from unpacking the year’s ups and downs to charting a course for your brightest future. And who doesn’t love a good chin wag? There’s ample time for Q&A, ensuring that every query, concern, or wild idea is given its moment in the spotlight.

This transformative experience is priced at just £35 per person, but hurry! Grab your spot early and enjoy a dazzling £20 discount with our Early Bird offer. Say farewell to 2023 with a bang, and stride into 2024 with newfound clarity, confidence, and a gang of like-minded adventurers by your side. Join us for the “End of Year Mind Muck Out” – it’s time to rewrite the future, one gallop at a time! 🚀🐎


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