Quick catchup

On promising myself I would blog more regularly, life then threw a few obstacles in the way and 40 days have passed. Sorry. And so much has happened and there is so much I want to share…but for now, a quick catch up.

Badminton was yet again spectacular – see my previous posts on the awesomeness. Plus this year, my incredibly sociable 1.5 year old stole the show everywhere he went especially with the beautiful Dubarry girls.

Badminton Horse Trials 2017
My second probationary judging appointment happened – I would love to share but need to keep the privacy sadly. Although, for those who read “Stick or not to stick” – it did come up and I had to say it wasn’t something I wished to represent. Now, we just wait for the verdict….

The sun was shining at Royal Windsor and there was some hot competition too. It was nice to see some good numbers forward after being at shows with very disappointing turnouts recently. Windsor always has a special place in my heart; being my local, big show and one I dreamed of winning from a young age. 

Royal Windsor Horse Show 2017
I shared my first fitness Vlog on my YouTube channel – https://youtu.be/hWtTwJXgLQk and have genuinely been following Emma Jane’s advice. Have you had your baked beans out? (A reference that will only make sense if you have watched!)

And over the next couple of weeks, there will be  3 more fitness talks coming your way.

Now you are all up to speed, I will hopefully get onto the posting more frequently plan…. Plan A, take 2. Lots of exciting stuff to come….

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