Road Trip to Devon

Sometimes I need a moment to regroup. I think everyone does. So, when Monty’s demonstrations for this year were booked and all a few hours away, it seemed like the perfect opportunity. I got online and found a little farmhouse 15 minutes away from The Grange, Okehampton and some me time was officially booked.

I arrived at the Lobhill Farmhouse in Devon last night to a beautiful view, the sound of sheep and a friendly welcome. It got even better when the owner provided freshly baked chocolate cookies (still warm from the oven) and some hot chocolate powder – it’s like she knew me! I had the most perfect evening – totally alone, snuggled in bed early with a Will Smith film and a duvet like a cloud. Seriously this thing is cosy. I say is cosy because it’s 10.40am and I am still under it which as a mum of a two year old is a forgotten experience.

I always find my time with Monty Roberts inspiring. Not only from a horsey point of view but from the experience as a whole. Sharing time with people who are all looking for a better way, all open to new ideas and no one judging you is refreshing and there are just so many stories from him but also the people around him. Last Sunday, I spend the day at Hartsop Farm, Witney where he had a training day and he shared so much in that time. He has such a depth of knowledge and is a great storyteller. Have a look at my video about the day on my YouTube channel. It was hard to get good clips as he likes to drop knowledge bombs randomly and never at the point I had my camera rolling.

So, I am looking forward to what is to come this afternoon. The other family staying here are randomly also here for the demonstration. Horsey mad daughter, interested and chatty mother and non horsey dad, all Monty demo first timers so I am hoping to catch up with them later to find out what they thought. I have some interesting questions to put to Monty from some of you guys too which is great. Plus seeing Martin Clunes – I love his passion and wide eyed enthusiasm for all things horsey.

But now, this duvet and I need some quality time. Seriously, it’s like a cloud. Hot chocolate and a good book at the ready. For just a few more hours before bracing the cold for a Monty demo adventure that I will share with you soon.

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