So, that was Christmas.

How was Christmas for you? Now, continuing the theory that I am a bit of a dreamer, I accept Christmas was never going to live up to the expectations or picture I had put on it, I didn’t anticipate it being quite such a failure though. After feeling a bit of a cold coming on, I diligently took some cold medicine, snuggled up with a hot water bottle for an early night so as to feel better for the “Perfect Christmas”. Stupidly, I didn’t read the packet on the cold medicine, it was Day stuff including caffeine. My body doesn’t handle caffeine. I got the shakes and was awake until 5am. And sadly, Christmas on 3 hours sleep was not the hardest bit of the day.

Christmas is a great time to reflect and regroup though before the New Year. And this year’s reflection is that I must stop reflecting so much! Time is so precious and it goes so fast. 2018 will be the year of my comeback. I feel like I have gone into my shell over the last few years – or arguably 10 – so, I want to get going again.

2017 has been ok though – I won the Rising Star Award at the Equine Blog Awards, I have had a few paid equestrian writing commissions, I completed an Equestrian TV Presenter course and loved it, I was ride judge at the Cherif Championships, I have done some more videos on my YouTube channel, I have done my first gift guide, I joined the Equestrian blog hop to expand my reach and topics, I have bonded with some fellow bloggers, I updated my site to include a gallery and what’s on – that reminds me, I must add more events! So, not a nothing year but onward and upward. 

It’s still ok to drink Christmas cocktails for a few more days though, isn’t it?

New Year is soon upon us and I will have a clear plan in place and then think less and do more! What about you?
Toddler in the snow

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