David Tatlow: the diamond finder

David Tatlow riding at RIHS

The king of the show ring: no set of interview about showing mentors would be complete without this legend. Son of Harry, therefore a descendant of showing royalty, he is a five times British champion point to point rider as well as top show rider, producer and all-round horseman. He has been President of the Show Horse Association and is a top judge too. He has won multiple Horse of the Year Show titles, producing […]

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Under pressure – One week until HOYS

I was sat in an interview once and the interviewer asked “How do you perform under pressure?”. Every part of me wanted to say “Like this!” and burst into a full vocal and dancing performance. I thankfully exercised some self control and didn’t. However, to this day, whenever I hear the Queen classic it makes me smile. Well, the song has very much been in my mind over the last few days. One week to […]

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How long is ok to be ‘faking’?

LVS Jackpot Working Hunter winner at Kent County Show 2019

The last few weeks have been quite intense; highs (Jack and I qualified for HOYS), lows (34 degree heat stopping play) and some middly stuff too (nearly falling off at a cross pole.) It’s been quite a lot for my brain to process to be honest. I found myself drifting back into my low place and wondering why. As someone commented on my Facebook “You’ve just qualified for HOYS, that would put me in a […]

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Cuddy Working Hunter at HOYS 2017 – roundup

I love The Horse of the Year Show and the Cuddy Working Hunter final is my absolute favourite class. I thought I would get a quick roundup out tonight for any avid fans – I know I have previously been stuck at work and searching the Internet for news. I will do a proper HOYS report soon. I really enjoyed walking the course with Sarah Green from Cheshire Show Services. I made this video so you […]

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