Jayne Ross: perfection in the saddle

Jayne Ross surrounded by champion horses

The second of my Showing Mentor Interviews: if you enjoy what you read, please do comment and make sure you follow @HowVeryHorsey so you don’t miss out on the rest of the series…. When I was younger, Jayne rode at the Ramsay’s yard and I used to hide in a stable, peaking over the door to be able to watch her schooling in the arena. If you want to see how to ride a show […]

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David Tatlow: the diamond finder

David Tatlow riding at RIHS

The king of the show ring: no set of interview about showing mentors would be complete without this legend. Son of Harry, therefore a descendant of showing royalty, he is a five times British champion point to point rider as well as top show rider, producer and all-round horseman. He has been President of the Show Horse Association and is a top judge too. He has won multiple Horse of the Year Show titles, producing […]

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Under pressure – One week until HOYS

I was sat in an interview once and the interviewer asked “How do you perform under pressure?”. Every part of me wanted to say “Like this!” and burst into a full vocal and dancing performance. I thankfully exercised some self control and didn’t. However, to this day, whenever I hear the Queen classic it makes me smile. Well, the song has very much been in my mind over the last few days. One week to […]

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How long is ok to be ‘faking’?

LVS Jackpot Working Hunter winner at Kent County Show 2019

The last few weeks have been quite intense; highs (Jack and I qualified for HOYS), lows (34 degree heat stopping play) and some middly stuff too (nearly falling off at a cross pole.) It’s been quite a lot for my brain to process to be honest. I found myself drifting back into my low place and wondering why. As someone commented on my Facebook “You’ve just qualified for HOYS, that would put me in a […]

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Doing the best we can – Hickstead week

Yesterday, I had a bit of meltdown. I’ll admit, there were tears. Once I had calmed, had some chocolate (fixes all things!) and regrouped, I had to say to myself – you are doing the best you can. Anyone else have to give themselves little pep talks? A week ago, we moved Jack to a new yard which was closer to home so Mum and I could spend some more quality time with him. Southerley […]

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Cuddy Working Hunter at HOYS 2017 – roundup

I love The Horse of the Year Show and the Cuddy Working Hunter final is my absolute favourite class. I thought I would get a quick roundup out tonight for any avid fans – I know I have previously been stuck at work and searching the Internet for news. I will do a proper HOYS report soon. I really enjoyed walking the course with Sarah Green from Cheshire Show Services. I made this video so you […]

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A kind word costs nothing

It’s Horse of the Year Show week! So many people fight for their place to be there and so many fail to make it. But for the lucky few, the opportunity to see their name in lights is here. It is an achievement to be there and everyone should be proud. So why the nastiness? Little backstabbing remarks, nasty glares, strategic tactics to upset other horses and with forums allowing anonymous comments people are free […]

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Have you qualified yet?

“We won! Yey!” …… “Was it a qualifier?”….. “No, but he went so beautifully, I’m really pleased.”…. “Well, hopefully he will go beautifully again next week at the qualifier where it really matters.” This is a conversation I actually heard  What a downer! I walk along at shows and it is all I hear. Even little tots discussing how many they have qualified – I am not always convinced they even know what it means […]

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