Robert Oliver – showman, huntsman, gentleman

As a member of the Horse of the Year Show Hall of Fame and winner of The Equestrian of the Year, Robert Oliver is someone who has a beautiful style of riding and has had a huge amount of success in the show ring. In 1977, he broke all records when he won the Cobs, Small Hunter and Hack titles and took reserve in the Hunter Championship at HOYS. He has also been incredibly generous […]

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Cindy Sims – the dynasty judge

Lucinda Sims

Another great from a showing dynasty, Granddaughter of the amazing Betty Skelton who championed side saddle for so many years, Cindy is a well respected showing judge, having served on multiple panels as well as grading youngstock, teaching, producing and breeding some lovely ponies and horses. Cindy had an eye for judging from an early age, so early that when she won a judging competition for the British Show Horse Associated, aged 21, she found […]

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Jayne Ross: perfection in the saddle

Jayne Ross surrounded by champion horses

The second of my Showing Mentor Interviews: if you enjoy what you read, please do comment and make sure you follow @HowVeryHorsey so you don’t miss out on the rest of the series…. When I was younger, Jayne rode at the Ramsay’s yard and I used to hide in a stable, peaking over the door to be able to watch her schooling in the arena. If you want to see how to ride a show […]

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David Tatlow: the diamond finder

David Tatlow riding at RIHS

The king of the show ring: no set of interview about showing mentors would be complete without this legend. Son of Harry, therefore a descendant of showing royalty, he is a five times British champion point to point rider as well as top show rider, producer and all-round horseman. He has been President of the Show Horse Association and is a top judge too. He has won multiple Horse of the Year Show titles, producing […]

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How long is ok to be ‘faking’?

LVS Jackpot Working Hunter winner at Kent County Show 2019

The last few weeks have been quite intense; highs (Jack and I qualified for HOYS), lows (34 degree heat stopping play) and some middly stuff too (nearly falling off at a cross pole.) It’s been quite a lot for my brain to process to be honest. I found myself drifting back into my low place and wondering why. As someone commented on my Facebook “You’ve just qualified for HOYS, that would put me in a […]

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Hustle or Hassle

The Mothership messaged me the other day saying “We haven’t done a lot of winning recently but we are certainly learning a lot.” We have been putting some serious work in; both on and off the horse. I think that the time off the horse can be underestimated sometimes; the time to think, discuss ideas, talk about different tactics and thoughts of how to make things better. As Poirot would say time for the “little […]

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Happy New Year – let the writing commence

Happy New Year everyone! I am a big fan of a New Year. I would even go so far as to say that I would chose New Year over Christmas. (Sorry Santa!) Less presents but more a chance to regroup and start afresh. Lots of big intentions for 2019. I apologise for being quiet on the blog for a number of weeks. I have been blogging for a few years now, and two or three […]

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Jack is perfect but….

Firstly, Jack is perfect. I will not allow anyone to say anything to the contrary. Secondly, we have a lot of work to do! I love this time of year. The busy summer season is over and it is time to step back and address some, shall we call them ‘areas of perfection improvement’? This year, we have actually achieved a lot of progress towards a ‘better perfection’: loading – tick, travelling – tick, putting […]

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Bullying – thought I had grown out of it but apparently not

Reading the awful stories on the news recently about children being bullied at school brought back some painful memories for me: I didn’t have the nicest time at school. I was also there before social media and online bullying existed so dread to think how much harder it must be now. It was absolutely heartbreaking to read about Bradley John taking his own life due to bullies. As a child, I hoped that it was […]

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The Inner Monologue – sports psychology meets anxiety

My second love, besides horses, is musical theatre. Oh, and Joey of course. Oh and Jack. Oh god, and Pie! He should have been first! Ok, it’s one of my loves. Musical theatre is something I am often inspired by. I produced a version of The Last Five Years by Jason Robert Brown a few years ago and there was an audition song in it – Climbing Uphill. Cathy sings for an audition but we […]

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