How long is ok to be ‘faking’?

LVS Jackpot Working Hunter winner at Kent County Show 2019

The last few weeks have been quite intense; highs (Jack and I qualified for HOYS), lows (34 degree heat stopping play) and some middly stuff too (nearly falling off at a cross pole.) It’s been quite a lot for my brain to process to be honest. I found myself drifting back into my low place and wondering why. As someone commented on my Facebook “You’ve just qualified for HOYS, that would put me in a […]

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The Inner Monologue – sports psychology meets anxiety

My second love, besides horses, is musical theatre. Oh, and Joey of course. Oh and Jack. Oh god, and Pie! He should have been first! Ok, it’s one of my loves. Musical theatre is something I am often inspired by. I produced a version of The Last Five Years by Jason Robert Brown a few years ago and there was an audition song in it – Climbing Uphill. Cathy sings for an audition but we […]

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Cuddy Working Hunter at HOYS 2017 – roundup

I love The Horse of the Year Show and the Cuddy Working Hunter final is my absolute favourite class. I thought I would get a quick roundup out tonight for any avid fans – I know I have previously been stuck at work and searching the Internet for news. I will do a proper HOYS report soon. I really enjoyed walking the course with Sarah Green from Cheshire Show Services. I made this video so you […]

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