The Mentor Interviews

Share your knowledge. It is a way to achieve immortality.

Dalai Lama

Sometimes ideas come to me fully formed and with total clarity; that is what happened with these interviews. There are some amazing minds and characters within the horse world but so many are not writers, are not on social media and so are only truly ‘known’ to the close few. And my inquisitive mind and thirst for knowledge didn’t really like that.

The day that Roger Stack passed away, I realised that all his incredible knowledge and wisdom went with him and I decided I wanted to do something to change that. So, I started to create a list of legends that I would like to sit down and interview. Amazingly, they were happy to be interviewed and this project truly began….

Initially, I have just focused on the Showing world but hope to branch out to other disciplines soon. Watch this space!


Not a showing person? Don’t be put off, you will be surprised how multi-talented these horse people are – the interviews feature point to point winners, Badminton competitors, dressage champions….. And maybe the showing world has something to teach, you may be surprised!