Top 12 Equestrian Blogger of the Year announced – I’m in shock

I love a great bit of poetry and a personal favourite is “If” by Rudyard Kipling. This evening, I though of this line : “If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster and treat those two imposters just the same.” And I realised….. I really can’t. 

Tonight, I found out that I have made the top 12 for the Equine Blog Awards and after sitting in shock for a moment, I ran around the kitchen twice and did a happy dance. Literally! I am so pleased to have been shortlisted; the competition is fierce and blogging is such an individual thing, you never really know where you stand in the wider community. 

However, this exciting news did cause one issue in that I was expecting to not make it and had already started to write my “I didn’t make it” blog. (Following on from my “I lost” blog of last year.) I am very pleased to delete it though.

I have also learnt something; Even when I think or even know I have failed, deep down I still hope to be surprised and succeed. I went to an audition on Sunday and came back saying “it went well but I expect there was someone better” but also having in my head the “oh goodness, they have offered me the part!” prepared. Sadly, on the audition front they did have someone better but I am so glad the Equine blog awards surprised me with a yes! Is this called Optimism? 

Also, I have learnt that a year on from last year’s awards, I am more proud of my blog so last year’s failure maybe did give me a needed push…. there is no such thing as failure, only learning…..

 Anyway, I am in seriously impressive company

Have an explore, there is some great writing.

But, continuing on in this optimistic vein – If you would like to support me you can Vote here. Votes from non-horsey partners, work colleagues, strangers in the street also welcomed. 

Accepting that top 12 is awesome, not so secretly hoping to win!

Thank you MirrorMe PR and Haynet for shortlisting me!

More information on the awards can be read here:

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