What I will be saying as I go in to the ring this year: mindset change

With the new year in full swing and a new season approaching, I am excited to be starting the year in such a better frame of mind to last year. I feel stronger and ready to take on whatever challenges 2020 will bring. That moment before the clock strikes midnight is always so significant to me; feeling like it sets up what is going to lie ahead, and it reminded me of that moment before you go into the ring…..

“Am I ready?” “Is my girth tight enough?” “Do I know the course?” Or perhaps it’s consciously more positive, perhaps you say “I can do this.” or “Let’s do this”. For 2020, I will be trying something new though, I will be smiling and saying “I’ve already won.”

Before you stop reading and write me off as an arrogant moron, be patient and read on…..

The Mothership has always reminded me that I am on the best horse and to enjoy it and, in my younger years (the days of Pie and Floyd), that was often enough to get me in the positive mindset I needed. However, after serious life trauma and a crisis of confidence, it didn’t touch where it needed to. My brain instead would go to “Of course he is the best and he deserves a better rider than you.”

However, I have turned a corner and reminded myself that life is what we make of it. Sometimes life knocks us down but we alone control our mindset.

Last weekend, I was watching ITV’s ‘The Voice’ (#guiltypleasure) and this incredibly positive man came on to audition. He wasn’t nervous or overwhelmed by the experience, like so many auditionees are, but instead he was eager and exhilarated. He spoke of how excited he was to get the opportunity to sing for legends like Tom Jones and to perform with a professional band in front of a packed audience and to have the chance to audition.  He had already won. 

Not many people are lucky enough to have the opportunity to ride a horse like Jack: he is arguably the most talented horse I have ever ridden and has the kindest heart (and the most heart-melting concerned eyebrows that makes everyone fall for him). Not everyone has the opportunity to ride down the hill at Hickstead, over the little bridge and onto that iconic showground to compete. Not everyone has the privilege of having their family support them and be willing to move mountains to help them to succeed. Not everyone has the honour of having their little boy cheering them on, every step of the way. I have already won. No matter what happens in the ring. I have already won.

Mindset is an incredibly powerful thing. Changing “Why is this happening to me?” to “What is this teaching me?” Little conscious shifts can literally change your life. And I will be going into the ring very differently this year. Bring it on.

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  1. You got there Daisy 😊😊😊 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻Xxx

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