When Auntie Stole My Horse: A Tale of Unexpected Equine Adventures

A horse in a Dually headcollar being led in the woods

Once upon a time in the charming Lambourn countryside, where the grass is always green and the neighs of horses serenade the rolling hills, something extraordinary happened. My dear aunt, with a heart as big as the open fields, managed to pull off the most unexpected heist – she stole my horse! Now, before you gasp in disbelief, let me assure you that this is a tale of lighthearted mischief and the purest love for our four-legged friends.

It all began innocently enough. She graciously allowed my equine companion to spend some time in her lush field on the hill.  New team member, Barney, is only 4 years old and so could only benefit from some time to munch and chill whilst we all planned our next step. It has been an emotional year for my family and we needed a moment to regroup.

At first, my horse was just a temporary lodger in Auntie’s pasture. But as the days passed, I started receiving updates that would make any horse owner beam with joy. Auntie, with her infectious energy, had decided that simply grazing in the field wasn’t enough. No, my horse was destined for greater things!

From strolling through the enchanting woods to leisurely walks in the village, Auntie transformed my horse’s routine into a daily adventure. I couldn’t help but marvel at her enthusiasm and the genuine joy she found in every equine escapade.

Soon enough, the updates took a surprising turn. Auntie, it seemed, had gone from leading my horse on walks to saddling up and riding through the countryside. The audacity! But as I received videos of them trotting through the fields and cantering along the gallops, I couldn’t help but be infected by Auntie’s unabashed love for horses.

A young bay horse being ridden in the woods

The fun didn’t stop there. Auntie, now fully immersed in her newfound relationship with Barney, decided it was time to introduce him to the world of ditch jumping. She reminisced about our challenges with Pie learning about ditches so thought an early introduction for Barney could only be a good thing. I couldn’t decide whether to be flabbergasted or applaud her adventurous spirit.

But in the end, what I learned from this whimsical saga is that fun is, without a doubt, the ultimate battery. Auntie’s unbridled joy and love for horses turned what could have been a quiet chapter into a heartwarming story of unexpected bonding and shared adventures.

As I received regular updates on my horse’s exploits – now a seasoned jumper and a delight to mount and lead – I can’t help but be grateful for Auntie’s spirited theft. After all, who wouldn’t want their horse to experience the world with such gusto?

So, here’s to Auntie, the accidental horse thief with a heart as wild as the horses she adores. May we all find inspiration in her infectious love for equine adventures! (You can explore more of Auntie’s exploits at www.intelligenthorsemanship.co.uk)

Onto the next chapter, what will it bring?

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