Why did you start blogging? September Equestrian Blog Hop

I was excited to hear of a new venture called Equestrian Blog Hop. An idea that bloggers unite to write about a particular topic each month so readers can “hop” around and read different blogs talking on the same topic. I am always interested to join forces as a writer and am also excited to explore the other blogs too and hopefully adventure into some topics I may not have written about!

Topic one for September is a comfortable start with “Why did you start blogging? What have you learnt?”

When I started this blog, in April 2015, I wrote “Why did I start a blog?” which at the time felt very scary. I was putting myself out there and being scarily open with people which was slightly alien to me. My driving force at the time still stands, in that I love horses and I love writing and blogging is an opportunity to share my experiences. In that initial post, I wrote “This blog is simply an opportunity for me to share what I know. If one person reads something and it helps them then it serves it’s purpose. If one person reads it and hesitates so they think differently with their horse because of it then I’ll be happy.” and I am pleased to say this has not changed.

Although, as blogging should be grounded in being true to yourself and honest, I have to admit that I have loved seeing my readership grow and my hopes for it have become slightly more adventurous – the Youtube channel being an example of this. For me though, although I am born competitive, I am not looking to be the biggest or most popular. I am looking for it to be true and to help spread the message of non-violent training, to open people up to new ideas about psychology, to see showing horses in a different light and to think a bit more when it comes to horsemanship. I want the “right” people to read and enjoy it – whoever they are. 

And I think that is really important about blogging. Everyone has a unique voice and something unique to share and blogging gives you a chance to reach out and find YOUR people.

What have I learnt? I have learnt that when you start a blog you have no one telling you what to write – this results in exploring some really exciting things but also means you need discipline that I sometimes lack. I have learnt that I love writing – so much so that I am actually investing the time to write the children’s book I have dreamed about for many years. I have also learnt that there are some surprising people who will cheer you on and some others that will knock you down (something true of life and blogging)

I love blogging and hope to cross from hobby blogger to it being something more and I am so glad I started out on the blogging journey.

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  1. I love that like myself, you are not looking to be the biggest or most popular. I think it’s more important to show horses in a different light and to promote better horsemanship! Loved reading this 🙂

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