Finding your tribe

It is Reading Festival this week and, as a Reading resident, this mainly means lots of traffic. But, it also brings back very happy memories and I can’t help but smile as I sit stationary on the ring road! The Festival always coincides with the BSPS Summer Championships and I remember seeing the festival goers flocking to the field in Reading as we drove our fully loaded lorry to the champs. Then a few days later, we sleepily drove past, hopefully festooned with ribbons as they muddily trudged to the station.

Seeing the various outfits, it made me think about tribes. There is a definite uniform for the festival – for the majority this is jean shorts and wellies, you then have the grungier green hair crew and the “trying to be hippies” with flowers in their hair and glitter on their cheeks. I love to watch the various tribes wandering in their packs in search of music – or more realistically a bit of alcohol fuelled carnage.

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So, does the horse world have tribes? Or herds?! Are they a good thing or is it just superficial fashion? Maybe fashion didn’t identify your tribe? Do we identify “our kind of people” by their clothes? I know that Joey is instantly attracted to anyone sporting anything to do with Peppa Pig! Thoughts….

I would describe myself as an eternal misfit – and with fashion, I am often the girl in the leather jacket when everyone wears tweed! But, I am loving the pre-Burghley fashion explorations and am definitely debating getting a bit more tweed in my life! On Instagram, and @mud_on_my_mulberry have some great outfit ideas and @timothyfoxx may tempt me with their slogan “I feel the need, the need for tweed.”

So, yes this is me, discussing fashion! Who’d have thought it!? But, I am genuinely interested and intrigued. Just questioning whether I want green hair or glitter!

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    1. There have been some very tired, sunburnt looking festival goers trudging home! Comfortable is important. At the end of the day it is sportswear!

  1. So lovely to read this. I love so much about horses and being an equestrian, but the preppy vibe isn’t really my thing. I’ve always liked standing out and can empathize with the leather jacket comment. I would love to see a modern take on equestrian clothing, Usually I ride for comfort rather than fashion.

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